Adding a language switcher

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When you’re building a multi-lingual site with more than a language you also need a language switcher option on your front-end, so users can choose their preferred language.

With Noor, you can use WPML or use Language shortcode provided by the translation plugin or put your HTML markup.

WPML Menu language switcher

This option is only working with WPML installed, the multi-lingual plugin.

To add the language switcher in your header follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to WPML > Languages
  2. Go to Menu language switcher.
  3. Click “+ Add a new language switcher to a menu“.
  4. Under WPML Language Switcher switch the toggle to Show.

For more, check the WPML guide from here.

Big Header Style With WPML.

???? If you are using Big Header Style you can active WPML language switcher from the customizer, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Customize.
  2. Navigate to Header > Menu.
  3. Scroll down into WPML language switcher and active it.

Big Header Style No WPML.

If you are using a different plugin for  multi-lingual, you can still add Language shortcode or HTML

An example of HTML markup:

<div class="dima-lan icon_text clearfix">
    <a class="dima-topbar-txt" href="#" target="_self">
  <li><a href="#" target="_self">Arabic</a></li>