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Each site has its own specifics, if our default font properties  (size, color, font family,… )do not meet your site style then you are able to change these properties through the Customizer.

  1. Go to Customize > Typography
  2. You have groups for example Body, Sidebar, each of them has multi options.
  3. Inter to the element you want to change the typography.

List of font properties:

  • Font Size
  • Font Color
  • Font Style
  • Font Weight
  • Font family
  • Font Subsets


You can control the Font Properties for mostly all elements at the theme:

  • body
  • Header Site name
  • Main Navigation
  • Main Navigation submenus
  • Buttons
  • Widgets Titles
  • Widgets Content
  • Post Heading: H1
  • Post Heading: H2
  • Post Heading: H3
  • Post Heading: H4
  • Post Heading: H5
  • Post Heading: H6