Adding custom CSS

Adding custom CSS

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Often you need extra styling for your site that can’t be done through the theme options or any quick styling detail you need as these are what makes the site unique. Custom CSS is used if you want to add or edit styling of the theme during the process of making your website.

1. Global Custom CSS

Adding Custom CSS is really simple, head in the WordPress admin bar and on the top left click the Customize. Now, scroll down and go to Additional CSS and paste your code (see image):


2. Custom CSS valid only for a specific page/post type

It’s easy to insert custom CSS code designed to work on a  page.  Your custom code will be stamped only for the page you are working on, and will not affect other pages.  Switch to the Page Builder mode At the top right corner you will see a “gear” icon. Click on it to open a code editor window where you can insert your custom code. Switch back to normal mode if you no longer need to work with the Page Builder mode.

For example, you can paste this code to hide the menu and footer area only for a page:

.dima-navbar-wrap, .dima-footer{
display: none;
If you’re looking for professional help in this matter, there’s always someone available for such tasks on the WP Kraken or Envato Studio. Pricing and timeline are always straightforward there and that’s the main reason for recommending those services.