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Okab is constantly being updated with new features, bug fixes, and adjustments. We recommend you to read the changelog for every update release. Also please consider deactivating caching plugins temporarily to avoid the caching of old markup when you update the theme.

Here you can see complete changelog information.

Version 5.7.9 – Jan 25, 2022

Fix Customizer issue with the portfolio slug.
Fix: Hide author name not working correctly in some blog style.
FIX: issue with PHP 8.0
UPDATE: Update Slider Revolution and WPBakery.

Version 5.7.8 – Dec 19, 2021

Fix WooCommerce products grid.
UPDATE: Dima ShortCodes plugin.

Version 5.7.7 – Dec 05, 2021

Fix WooCommerce default sorting.
Fix products icons.
UPDATE: Update Slider Revolution 6.5.11

Version 5.7.6 – Nov 14, 2021

Fix: Now Add two actions before and after header 'dima:header:start' and 'dima:header:end'- Fix: Close mobile-menu on scrolling.
UPDATE: Update Slider Revolution 6.5.9.

Version 5.7.5 – Sep 02, 2021

Fix: Now Add two actions before and after header 'dima:header:start' and 'dima:header:end';

Version 5.7.4 – Aug 24, 2021

Fix: Now you can change Reader Mod template from child-theme.
Fix: warning PHP on AMP Reader Mod.

Version 5.7.3 – Aug 22, 2021

Update some WooCommerce Archive templates.
UPDATE: Update Slider Revolution and WPBakery.

Version 5.7.2 – Jul 26, 2021

Support Template Editor WordPress 5.8
Support theme.json in WordPress 5.8
Support more gutenberg style.
Update premium plugins.

Version 5.6.9 – May 24, 2021

Update Dima portfolio 1.0.8
Update Revolution Slider 6.4.11
Fix warning with PHP 8.

VERSION 5.6.8– Apr 20, 2021

 Update Revolution Slider 6.4.8
 Update WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress
 Update some WooCommerce Archive template.
 Fix bug with post category with description
 Fix Content Position on bottom.
 Fix issue with PHP 8 and Customizer.
 Fix Issue with WPML on menu with flag ( Thanks to WPML Team ).
 Fix warning with PHP 8. 

VERSION 5.5.41– Feb 06, 2021

FIX: portfolio categories page titel.
FIX: Customizer style.
Added: 2022 ShortCodes to make year updated automatically on copyright footer

VERSION 5.5.28– Oct 20, 2020

UPDATE: You can display the category description on the category archive page..
Fix: WooCommerce cart page on Mobile.
IMPROVEMENT: using aria-label to fix accessible label.
Fix: an issue with categories page with a description.

VERSION 5.5.30– Nov 20, 2020

UPDATE: Update Slider Revolution and WPBakery.
FIX: Issue with PHP 7.4.1
NEW: WooCommerce 4.6 compatibility.

VERSION 5.5.24– Aug 23, 2020

Fixed: RTL font family.
Added: new option removing the Website URL Field From WordPress Comment Form.
Added: Support WooCommerce 4.4.1.
Fixed: Slider widget.
Update: Slider Revolution, WPBakery, and Dima Shortcodes.

VERSION 5.5.22– Aug 14, 2020

Support WordPress 5.5
Fixed JS/jQuery issue with the new version of WordPress 5.5.
Improve MetaBox with the classic editor.
Fixed System Status error message on multi-sites.
NEW : WooCommerce 4.3 compatibility.
FIX : Page Title background issue.

VERSION 5.5.2– Aug 07, 2020

New : WooCommerce 4.3 compatible.
Fix : Page Title background issue.

VERSION 5.5.0– Jun 13, 2020

New: Figma Source Files
New: Section Shape Divider
New: Auto Type Element
New: Section With Canvas Pattern
New: Class Added to the slash on meta info on post
New: Image Layers Element
New: Responsive Spacer
Improve: One Page Navigation and Smooth Scroll
Improve: Animation
Improve: Banners Element

VERSION 5.1.0– Mar 03, 2020

FIXED: Page title customizer.
FIXED: Page title customizer.
UPDATE: Slider Revolution 6.2.1

VERSION 5.0.5– Nov 09, 2019

Support: WooCommerce 3.8
Fix: Main Color Issue
Fix: Woo Add To Cart
Fix: Issue on the default text color on small-footer
Fix:WooCommerce Icon Issue
Fix: Lightbox on instagram issue

VERSION 5.0.0– JUNE 04, 2019

New: Language switcher on customizer (Now you can switch from different languages of your website directly from the customizer)
Improve: For WPML and Polylang and Okab.
Improve: Customizer options display.
Improve: Customizer color picker.
Improve: Customizer elements organizations.
Improve: Font size You can use any unit ( em-rem-px-% …)
Improve: Font size / Color change instant using customizer.
Improve: Expand the Latest Posts page when the user opened the “Latest Posts” section in Customizer.
Improve: Expand Portfolio page when the user opens the “Portfolio home” section in Customizer.
Improve: Font-display in google fonts.
Add: Support for WooCommerce Variation Swatches.
Add: Font search option.
Add: Option Letter Spacing for the body font.
Add: Customizer Option to Hide/Show author name on the blog post.
Fix: WooCommerce product variable image.
Fix: Portfolio home page with no posts.
Fix: Mobile menu color and hover color
Fix: WooCommerce external link icon issue
Update: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.2
Update: Dima Shortcode.

VERSION 4.7.6– MAY 18, 2019

Fix: Typo issue on customizer

VERSION 4.7.5– MAY 13, 2019

New: Full-Screen Height option
New: Support Multi-languages
Fix: Remove Duplicate options
Fix: Export issue
Fix: Fonts and customizer
Fix: Safari Issue in equal height columns
Fix: Issue of all languages

VERSION 4.7.1– APRIL 24, 2019

Fix: Logo on mobile
Fix: Menu on mobile
Fix: Transparent menu on mobile

VERSION 4.7.0 – APRIL 23, 2019

Improve: Related post and about author
Improve: Portfolio Code
Improve: Rename Contents template
Improve:  General code
Improve: Sidebar Code
Improve: Search code
Fix: bbpress contents
Fix: Global Contents
Fix: Plugin Image
Update: WooCommerce latest version

VERSION 4.6.4 – APRIL 17, 2019

Fix: bbpress issue
Improve: 404 Page View
Improve: Organize Images

VERSION 4.6.3 – APRIL 15, 2019

New: Theme Color Support
New: Faster Google Fonts with Pre-connect
New: Option to control Sidebar and Contents Width
New: Option to clear the cache
New: Option for section padding
New: Lazy load image option
New: Shop categories with images
New: Font Awesome 5.7.1 now used from the theme
Fix: Slider on AMP Product
Fix: Typography weights
Fix: Arabic Translation
Fix: Breaking news on RTL
Fix: Letter spacing on RTL
Fix: Columns Divisions on IE
Fix: WPBakery Frontend editor Icons
Fix: Icon Colors
Fix: Okab Sub-menu background color issue on Vertical Menu
Add: Defer for JS
Improve: Hint google fonts and skip GA for GDPR
Improve: Counters element option

VERSION 4.5.0 – FEBRUARY 23, 2019

Fix issue on classic editor and bullet list
Fix Shop cart and search on One Page navigation
Fix Misspelling on Google Map API Key
Fix timeline hover color
New Page, Post, Portfolio and Product Settings:
  - General Settings such as layout, website background, boxed option.
  - Header Settings such as page title, breadcrumbs options.
  - Menu Settings such as menu style, text and background color, sticky options and one page navigation.
  - Logo Settings
  - Shop settings allow you to display and hide Cart and My Account on the menu.
  - Footer Settings such as big footer and small footer options, first and second footer area, widgets options.
  - Slider Settings
  - Blog Details Settings (Blog Only) such as pagination, social sharing, author box, related posts options.
  - Details Settings (Portfolio Only) such as light-box, external link, and related projects options.
Add: Feature allows to add up to three custom fonts
Add: Source font option now you can include fonts from Google, FontFace, Standard Fonts, and Theme Fonts
New: Now the title of the menu is clickable
Upgrade: Fontawsome version
Improve: WooCommerce sorting on customizer
Customizer New Performance Option: You can disable GIF as Featured Image, Optimize WooCommerce Scripts, Minified JS files, active and deactivate animation, Remove ver parameters option
New: Second footer option
New: Footer with multi-columns
Improve: stars rating on the shop

VERSION 4.0.0 – DECEMBER 10, 2018

New: Gutenberg blocks styled to match the design of the theme
New: Widgets has been added to the list of plugin territory functionality
New: Support of .alignwide and .alignfull classes
New: Color palettes
New: Users can switch between Gutenberg and WPBakery
New: Gutenberg editor is styled to match the frontend output
New: Gutenberg editor widths match the widths used in the theme

VERSION 3.9.1 – NOVEMBER 06, 2018

Fix: WooCommerce Issue on RTL
Fix: WooCommerce Product name hover
Fix: Tags font size
Fix: Issue on products isotope
Update: Fully support of Font Awesome V5
Improve: Checkout page on WooCommerce

VERSION 3.9.0 – OCTOBER 28, 2018

Fix: Shop Page with new WooCommerce Update
Fix: Issue on Cart page
Fix: Boxed and Full Width Layout issue
Fix: Meta-box with PHP 7.2 Issue
Fix: Menu Search bar issue (Activa statue and Close icon)
Fix: Twitter widget on Footer
Update: WPBakery version 5.5.5
Update: WooCommerce 3.5.0
Improve: AMP and Added custom menu
Improve: Customizer Style
Improve: Add option for sticky menu on mobile

VERSION 3.7.4 – SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Fix: Issue on IE
Fix: Okab Classic demo screenshot
Fix: Audio on RTL
Improve: Search hierarchy (Now the search result display, featured image, audio, video)
Update: Dima-Shortcode to 1.5.1
Update: WPBakery to 5.5.4

VERSION 3.7.1 – AUGUST 19, 2018

New: Added 17 new Hebrew Fonts
New: Added 6 Japanese Fonts
Fix: Typo on Customizer

VERSION 3.7.0 – AUGUST 13, 2018

New: Ability to customize font for body and headings
New: Preparing for Gutenberg
New: Option to remove ver parameters
Improve: Okab framework
Improve: Customizer for header section
Improve: Typography add settings to headings
Improve: Map Element
Update: Dima-Shortcode
Update: WPBakery
Update: WooCommerce 3.4.4
Fix: ATL font for WPML and other translator plugins
Fix: translation for "CLOSE" word

VERSION 3.6.5 – JULY 21, 2018

New: You can add Facebook Pages ID in Open Graph Settings
New: Twitter Card
New: Add option to enable or disable prefetching
New: Option to enable or disable Structure Data
New: You can set a default Schema type
New: You can add JavaScript code after  tag
New Fonts: Markazi Text,Tajawal,Baloo Bhaijaan
New: Section On Customize in advanced Settings: Social Graph & SEO
Fix: Hide Favicon settings for Older WordPRess Version 4.3
Fix: Customizer Reset confirmation on Windows
Fix Navbar Text color after Fixed
Fix: Icons on customizer
Update: Improve and fix Typography

VERSION 3.5.2 – MAY 28, 2018

Update WooCommerce 3.4
Update cart.php,shipping-calculator.php,from-coupon.php, content-product.php, form-login.php, form-edit-address.php
Update slider revolution

VERSION 3.5.0 – MAY 02, 2018

Add: Option allow you to control Owl Slider speed
Add: Option allow you to make breadcrumbs not clickable 

VERSION 3.2.7 – APRIL 25, 2018

Improve: Fix: One Page hover menu

VERSION 3.2.6 – APRIL 23, 2018

Fix: One Page hover menu

VERSION 3.2.4 – APRIL 15, 2018

Improve: Multimedia Elements

VERSION 3.2.1 – MARS 21, 2018

Fix: Font Awesome with Autoptimize plugin

VERSION 3.1.9 – FEB 18, 2018

Fix: Font Awesome version 5 on icon-boxes

VERSION 3.1.8 – FEB 15, 2018

Fix: Font Awesome version 5 on top-bar and Mega-menu
New: now you can shows to use the new font Awesome version 5 or the old one v 4.7.

VERSION 3.1.5 – JAN 17, 2018

Add option to the section allow adjusting the vertical alignment
Fix Font Awesome icons in menu items 

VERSION 3.1.3 – DEC 19, 2017

Add Option to choose Color For the Page title 
Improve Visual Composer Panel

VERSION 3.1.2 – DEC 07, 2017

Improve AMP
Fix Contact Form 7 Notification Style

VERSION 3.1.0 – DEC 05, 2017

Fix pagination issue

VERSION 3.0.9 – NOV 26, 2017

Add Option: Allow to Display/Hide Top Bar on mobile
Improve Menu
Update Visual Composer

VERSION 3.0.7 – NOV 19, 2017

Fix icon-box title Hover color
Update premium plugins

VERSION 3.0.6 – NOV 17, 2017

Fix Customizer Issue In WoodPress 4.9.x
Fix New Woocommerce issue with Cart and Upsales
Fix New Gallery Widget

VERSION 3.0.5 – NOV 14, 2017

Compatible with WordPress 4.9
Update Visual Composer

VERSION 3.0.4 – NOV 04, 2017

Improve: Moving the function response for scroll to top from main.js into init.js
Improve : Iframe light-box for small devices.
Fix: Cross browser compatibility > for the browser that did not support javascript es6.

VERSION 3.0.2 – OCT 22, 2017

Fix JS Issue

VERSION 3.0.1 – OCT 17, 2017

Added Adblock Detector
Add Ads Spots via customizer feature

VERSION 2.9.3 – OCT 15, 2017

Fix blog meta settings
Support Woo 3.2.0
Add 4 actions 'dima_action_before_post' & 'dima_action_after_post' & 'dima_action_before_author' & 'dima_action_after_author'
Fix portfolio breadcrumbs.

VERSION 2.9.1 – OCT 14, 2017

Fix Flex Slider RTL.
Update Dima-Shortcode  1.2.9
Fix portfolio breadcrumbs issue.

VERSION 2.9.0 – OCT 08, 2017

Improve one-page animation.
Fix side image blog style metabox.
Fix Text Hover in menu and filter

VERSION 2.8.0 – OCT 02, 2017

Improve Translation in WooCommerce.
Improve Cart in WooCommerce

VERSION 2.7.0 – SEP 25, 2017

Fix some issues with WooCommerce.

VERSION 2.6.9 – SEP 07, 2017

AMP now support ADS.
Styling your AMP posts easily now via the customizer.
Fix some issues with WooCommerce.
Improve Okab SEO ( Open Graph).
Update Dima-Shortcodes

VERSION 2.6.5 – SEP 03, 2017

Add functionality to "Disable Row".
Fixed row animation 
Update Dima-Shortcode 
Fix bug on VC Settings, text and color.

VERSION 2.6.3 – AUG 03, 2017

Fix Google Map SSL issue
Improve SEO

VERSION 2.6.2 – JUL 17, 2017

Woo Latest Version Support
Fix AMP Validation Status

VERSION 2.6.0 – JUN 17, 2017

AMP Fully Compatible
Woo 3.0.9 Support
Fix plugins install
Now you can add link to the address and phone number on the top bar
Ability to Display Original VC element.

VERSION 2.5.0 – JUN 11, 2017

Improve Woo and Contact form 7 styles.
Support WordPress 4.8 version.
Allow the user to change child theme name 
Fix breadcrumbs break when use % in the title
Help snippet for adding "Read More" button ( Work With Child Theme ).
Allow user to show "Page title" on home page and front page (Thanks to oiwsean )
Improve page title breadcrumbs.
Support Russian social network vk.com
Fix meta info post in responsive
Add loop option for portfolio slide
Fix excerpts single quotes (was always preceded by a backslash).
Update dima_shortcodes and dima_portfolio plugin.
Update VC & SR plugins.

VERSION 2.4.4 – MAY 1, 2017

WooCommerce 3.0.x Compatible.
Update Slider Revolution
Update Visual Composer
Update Dima-ShortCode
Add New RTL demo
Improve One Page Menu Selection
Improve Demos Installation

VERSION 2.2.1 – APR 3, 2017

Fix shop menu on mobile
Fix admin select on Firefox
Fix product quantity on Firefox
Fix Tool-tip size
Improve Blog SEO
Add new filter to display second post title

VERSION 2.1.3 – APR 1, 2017

Improving post comment design
Fixing RTL Related posts in mobile
Update Visual Composer 5.1 / The Revolution Slider 5.4.1 
Fixing Post comment on responsive 
Fixing Shopping Cart icon in mobile
Update dima-shortcode
Fisxing Cart page in responsive

VERSION 2.0.1 – FEB 24, 2017

New Consulting Demo Added
Fix background Video classes
Fix shop one-page
Update Revolution Slider
Add charts shortcode

VERSION 1.8.0 – JAN 26, 2017

Fixed RTL Portfolio issues.
Fixed Child-theme overriding parent style.css.
Fixed Repeated pattern with fixed parallax.
Fixed Self hosted video
Fixed News in picture
Fixed Image Position in Blog Details
Fixed SSL Issue
Fixed Padding in custom post
Fixed Big text in buttons
Fixed Blog Standard image

VERSION 1.6.9 – JAN 14, 2017

Fix Sticky Logo on transparent menu.
Fix Embed Video YouTube ( responsive )
Fix big title on portfolio.
Fix icon list on Firefox.
Remove click-ability from phone and address.
Fix portfolio categories on thumbnails.
Update DIMA-Shortecodes 1.1.9

VERSION 1.6.3 – DEC 28, 2016

Add a new Thumbnail for magazine.
Fix page speed
Update Dima-Shortcodes 1.1.7

VERSION 1.6.1 – DEC 08, 2016

Fix Dima-Shortcode Update Problem

VERSION 1.6.0 – DEC 08, 2016

Support WordPress 4.7

VERSION 1.5.8 – DEC 05, 2016

Update Dima-Shortcode plugin 1.1.5
Fix responsive visibility
Improve responsive parallax background
Fix custom JS ( under body and head )
Activate Visual Composer Front-end editor.
Include Envato market plugin
Update Slider Revolution

VERSION 1.5.1 – NOV 23, 2016

Add new option for RTL logo ( now you can change your logo for RTL and LTR using WordPress customizer )
Fix mobile menu custom color.
Update premium plugins.
Add new demo business & finance ( LTR and RTL  ).

VERSION 1.2.6 – OCT 24, 2016

Update three plugins: Dima Shortecode, Slider Revlotion, Dima Portfolio. 
Add portfolio external link.
Add option open new tab in new windows in items icon shortcode.
Add new slider widget ( blog in slide ). 
Improve javascript main.js. 
Fix portfolio categories display.

VERSION 1.2.0 – OCT 12, 2016

Add new demo (Cosmetic)
Fix Portfolio hover style two
Add new option to hide blog featured image one time for all blog.
Update demo data and sliders.
Fix vertical menu one-page

VERSION 1.1.1 – OCT 4, 2016

Add two advertisement and google ads widgets.
Add Google Analytics plugin into extensions list.
Add Under Construction plugin into extensions list.
Add PSD files
Fix thumbnail image for magazine demo.
Fix: style knowledge base Plugin.
Update DIMA - Shortcodes Plugin.
PHP 7.0.9 Support
Support third plugin Autoptimize ( plugin makes optimizing your site really easy ).